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Junge Marriage Counselor

Junge Marriage Counselor

Submitted by Steve Junge

Las Vegas Metro K9’s have been known to accomplish some miraculous things.  They have located, and rendered some of the most feared, notorious criminals to crying, sniveling babies.  They have responded to some of the worst disasters our country has experienced, and they have also been by our sides when they have given the ultimate sacrifice.  However, have you ever known them to save a marriage?  Well, they have done that as well.

During the summer of 1995, Breston and I were still in our initial training phase and had not, yet been certified to work the streets as partners.  Late one night, we were preparing to stop by a local park to play some ball and have a break.  In the middle of the park was a young man, who appeared to be frantically looking for something in the grass, under the illumination of his cellular phone light.  Walking next to him was a visibly irritated young lady, who appeared to be extremely unhappy with the poor guy.  After every few steps, she would stop, firmly put her fists on her hips and give him another piece of her mind.  Upon making contact with the couple, I learned that the young gentleman had just recently proposed marriage to this young woman and gave her a beautiful new engagement ring.  After the initial, private, proposal, the soon-to-be groom asked if he could hold the ring, which she agreed to.  When she wanted it placed back on her hand, he playfully refused, withholding the ring just above the first knuckle on his index finger, keeping it away from her.  At one point, during the game, she reached to snatch it back and he quickly, withdrew his hand, causing the ring to go flying into the dark unknown.  I can only imagine the slow-motion, stomach-sinking feeling he must have had at that moment.

Metro K9’s are trained to locate articles of evidence, using their noses to detect any human odor on the item.  I asked them if they would like Breston to try to find the ring.  The response was something along the lines of:   “Yes, Please!!” and “He better hope you can find it.”  I cannot remember exactly what was said, but I took the response to mean that they would accept our assistance.  Breston began to work the area, searching in a well defined pattern.  After searching for a few minutes, he quickly turned and settled on a small spot in the grass.  We watched as he gingerly picked something up in his mouth and brought it back to me.  He found it!!  When he delivered it to my hand, I believe they both exhaled for the first time since Breston began his work.  We all came to the consensus that it would be best for me to just give the ring directly to the man’s fiancée.  She didn’t even mind the little bit of dog saliva, left on the ring, when she slid it back onto her hand.

After she delivered a semi-playful smack to his arm, we were all able to make light of the situation and the memory they had just created together.  Breston was paid well by the couple with some much-deserved ear scratching and belly rubbing and the couple left the park, holding hands, ready to deliver the good news to their family.

Such is the life of the Las Vegas Metro K9:  Bad guy-chaser, loyal partner and marriage counselor.