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Just Tell Me What That means and I’ll Do It!

Ray Flynn and K9 Danko

My K9 partner Danko and I had been called to an industrial area near Valley View and Flamingo after citizens reported a man breaking into cars.  We pulled up and saw a man, who fit the description of our bad guy, suddenly crouch between two cars.  I get out of my truck and told the guy I wanted to talk to him.  At which point he took off running.  Danko jumped out the truck window and took off after the suspect, with me in pursuit.

All of a sudden Danko rounds the front of a car, just as the suspect rounds the rear of the same car, and the two are face to face.  The bad guy stops moving and Danko immediately goes into detainment.  If the bad guys not moving, neither is the dog.  But Danko is still snapping and snarling and barking at the bad guy.
I catch up to them and give the standard K9 commands, “Stand Still!  Hands Up!  PLATZ!”

Danko complies but the bad guy, who has his hands in the air and is shaking like a leaf says to me, “I’m standing still, my hands are in the air and if you’d just tell me what platz is I’ll do that too!”  Platz, by the way, is the dog’s command to lay down.  I was laughing so hard I could barely cuff the guy.