Friends for the Las Vegas Police Department K-9's

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K-9 Trials Photo Gallery

MEET THE LMVPD K-9 Unit - Click on the Names to Meet the K-9 Team

Been with LVMPD since 1998, and recent assigned to K9 section in 2011 with his partner Mika, a 2yr old Belgian Malinois.



Sgt Mike Yu -

Eric has been with LVMPD since 1992, and returned to the K9 section as a sergeant in 2013. He is partnered with Nicky, an eight year old Belgium Malinois. Before his short time away from K9 Eric was a member of the Nevada Task Force 1 (FEMA TEAM). He and his partner Matjo responded to the World Trade Center after 9/11.



Sgt Eric Kerns -

Has been with Metro since 1991 and in K-9 since 1996. Patrol, narcotics and explosive dog trainer and, in-service training instructor Post certified instructor. Partnered with his patrol dog Boris since 2010 and partnered with Bonnie who is a female Belgian Malinois Explosive Detection Dog, they have been partners since 2009.



DuWayne Layton -
Boris and Bonnie

Employed with Metro since 1992 and the K-9 Unit since 1997. Patrol and Detection Dog trainer. Partners with his Patrol Dog, Roy, a Belgian Malinois since March 2014 and Explosive Detector Dog, Rockey, a Springer Spaniel, since 2011.



Mel English -
Roy and Rockey

Hired on with Metro in 1996. Joined the K-9 unit in February of 2001. Partners with Flash a German Shepard and Scooby, a Yellow Labrador Retriever Explosives Detection dog since August of 2007. As a member of Nevada Task Force 1 (FEMA), John responded to both Hurricanes Katrina & Rita with his Search and Rescue dog Cyril.



John Jenkins -
Flash and Scooby

Officer Newton hired on with LVMPD in August 1996 and has been assigned with the K9 Detail since August 2001. His current partners are a Dutch Shepard(pictured) named Wilco who is his patrol dog since April 2013 and Stewie a Springer Spaniel who is a narcotics detection dog and has been partnered with him since March 2013.



Dave Newton -
Wilco and Stewie

Rick became a police officer with Metro in 1991 and has been in K-9 since 2002. Rick is partners with Ringo, a Belgian Malinois since 2010 and Sadie an Explosive Detector dog who is a black Labrador and they have been partners since 2009. Rick is the Vice President of Friends for Las Vegas Canines.



Rick Vorce -
Ringo and Sadie

Scott has been with the LVMPD since 1991 and joined K9 in 2003. He is partnered with Beer and Taz. Beer is a Belgium Malinois patrol dog (pictured). Taz is a Hungarian Vizsla-Labrador mix and he is trained to search for narcotics.



Scott Murray -
Beer and Taz

Cord started with Metro in 1998 and came to K-9 in 2004. Patrol dog and detection dog trainer. Cord has been partnered with Rico, a Dutch Shepherd patrol dog since 2012. Rico is also trained in Cadaver and Evidence Detection. Cord is also partnered with Boregaard, a Flat Coated Retriever Narcotics Detection dog since 2006.



Cord Overson -
Rico and Boregaard

Jason R. Dukes has been employed with L.V.M.P.D. since 1997. He has worked in various assignments in patrol and the detective bureau. He has been assigned to canine since October of 2005 and currently holds the title of Judge-Polizeischutzhund Prufung in Patrol Dog, Search & Rescue, Narcotics Detection, Explosive Detection, and Tactical Deployment Dogs. Presentl...y Jason is the unit training coordinator, as well as a patrol dog and detection dog trainer. His partner, Max II, is a Belgian Malinois shepherd mix and has been with him since 2010. Max II is also trained in cadaver and evidence detection. Maddie, Jason’s narcotics detector dog, is a yellow Labrador Retriever and has been with him since 2007.



Jason Dukes -
Max II and Maddie

Jeff hired onto Metro in 1998 and joined K-9 in 2006. He has partnered with Hunter, his Belgian Malinois patrol dog since 2012 and Lexus, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever explosives detection dog since 2009.



Jeff Corbett -
Hunter and Lexus

Jim joined Metro in 2001 and came to the K-9 Unit in 2006. Jim has been partnered with his Patrol Dog, Reno, a Belgian Malinois, since December 2011 and Narcotics Detection Dog, Flirt, a black Lab, since January 2008.



Jim Ledogar -
Reno and Flirt

Officer Carrillo has been with the las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Since Feb 2001. He joined the K9 unit in May of 2007. Officer Carrillo has been teamed with his K9 partner, Radar, since April of 2008. Radar is trained to sniff and find the "bad guys" who run and hide from the police. He is also partnered with Maggie who is a black Labrador trained as a narcotic Detection dog. They have been partners since 2009



Sam Carrillo -
Radar and Maggie

Officer Jeff Harper joined LVMPD in 1999 and came into the K9 unit in 2008. He has been partners with Rocco, a Belgian Malinois since 2010, and Rebel a chocolate Lab since 2009.



Jeff Harper -
Rocco and Rebel

Ernie Morgan has been employed with LVMPD since 1/98. He has worked in various assignments in patrol and the detective bureau. Ernie was assigned to K9 in August 2010. He is partnered with Claymar for patrol duties and Bosco a narcotic detector dog.



Ernie Morgan -
Claymar and Bosco

Sean has been with Metro since 1998 and joined K9 in 2010. He is partnered with his patrol dog Archie, a Belgian Malinois and Grouse a Springer Spaniel who is a Narcotics Detection dog since 2012.



Sean Malia -
Archie and Grouse